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Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock

7th Multi-Stakeholder Partnership Meeting

8-12 May 2017, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

First planning meeting (3 April 2017)

Activity Focal person Action(s) Responsible person Timeline/dates
Media Meron Press conference on 5 May 2017 at the Ministry for agriculture and natural resources
Date: Friday May 5, 2017
Venue: Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources
* Find a facilitator
Getting list of speakers for the press conference

Getting the moderator
Shirley to contact Edwardo and come up with names for list of speakers
Boni to discuss at the local organizing committee meeting and get name for the moderator
14 April

7 April
^ ^ Press conference:
Press kit (in a folder/plastic bag)
* Bios of selected speakers
Organizational background of MoL&F, FAO, GASL, ILRI
Program of the event
Key messages of the event
Press contact(s)
Past press releases
Getting list of 3 or 4 high-level people from the three organizers (FAO, ILRI and MoLF
James, Meron with MoLF

By 21st April
^ ^ Drafting the press release and; (Include press contacts under the press release (Meron, FAO, MoLF)
Share the draft version with Susan and Shirley for approval
Asrat (MoLF)

By 19 April

Social Media / Reporting Liya Get a sense of who is responsible on what (by each session and day)
* Case studies
Opening session
Field trip
Share fair
Closing session
Peter/Liya 21st April
^ ^ Organize a meeting every Friday till the event and on Thursday for the week of 10th of April
Prepare content beforehand (Daily Tail, etc…)
* 1st edition – interviews (what has been done on the previous event and what they can expect on this event); useful information, important event of each day, tourist corner, quotes,
* 2nd edition – event synthesis (work with Ewen), photos of participants…
Liya 7 April
Event communications products Liya * Design 3 kinds of banners
o 1 backdrop banner for the press conference at the Ministry of agriculture and natural resources (get measurement from Mahider and design)
o 1 banner at the Hilton registration desk (3m by 2.5) -Design
o 1 backdrop at the Hilton meeting hall (4m by 2.5m)- Design
Meron, Apollo, Liya 20 April
^ ^ * Design a mini-program to be inside the badge and send to Shirley for approval
o Cover page
o Emergency contacts
o Maps (share-fair and Hilton)
Meron, Apollo, Liya 12 April
^ ^ * Design badge and send to Shirley for approval
o (include language ISO codes and the 7 cluster groups)
o Include FAO diamond designs
o Re-arrange logos
o Group people into three categories and mark with different colors (string color-confirm with eshi events)
* § Participants
* § Media/press
* § Organizers
Meron, Apollo, Liya 12 April
* Design full program/brochures and send to Shirley for approval
o Include cover page
o Introductory text
o Design 1 page per day
Meron, Apollo, Liya 20 April
^ ^ * Liaise with Eshi-events on other design elements/actions Liya, Meron
Share-fair James * Design tent signs (the 7 SDGs) and other signs as needed (James to give details) Meron, Apollo, James
^ ^ * Send a reminder email to ILRI staff and provide help in editing, design and printing with a set deadline James