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#GASLaddis Social Reporting Project

Hitlon Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 8 to 12 May 2017 Share-fair (ILRI Addis campus)

Hashtags: #SustLivestock and #Livestock4Dev

Team: Liya— @Ldejene Susan— @SusanMacMillan Pascal (GASL)— @pascal_corbe Chi— Paul@PaulKaraimu

Michael (Marchmont)— @MichaelHoevel Ewen— @Ewen_chats Peter— @peterballantyne

Social media toolkit (in progress)

Event agenda with responsible team member (in progress)

Work flow

  1. Liya gather content (stories, photos and videos) from team
  2. Liya send to Pascal
  3. Pascal review and send to Eduardo
  4. Eduardo review and send to FAO-Roma content manager to post on [[1]]

There will be a follow up meeting at the end of each day - ILRI Addis campus

The specific objectives of Social Reporting project are to:

  • Raise awareness mainly during and after the Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock 7th Multi-stakeholder Partnership Meeting on the topics/sessions of the meeting through a strong online presence and promotion;
  • Enable direct and indirect stakeholders who are not physically present at the event to be updated on the meeting sessions and as much as possible engage them in discussions;
  • Use social media as an advocacy tool and share discussions (challenges and recommendations) from the sessions;
  • Strengthen the knowledge and networking of participants and their organisations in the area of livestock science, technology and innovation, as well as in social media reporting;
  • Feedback online buzz from the audience to the conference organisers / facilitators by bringing the conversation to the sessions;

Target audience In addition to the target audience for the event itself, the online and social media efforts target specifically:

  • Scientists, researchers, students governments and organisations working in livestock and related fields (food security, nutrition, agricultural development, sustainable natural resource management, climate change...)
  • Individuals, organisations and influencers working on the Livestock and SDGs
  • Donors
  • Online media outlets related to meeting causes

List of products

  • Stories: Blog posts – WordPress (ILRI blog platforms, GASL website)

Blog post from Peter B 2 blog posts every week starting from April 18 Blog posts during the event by Susan and Paul

  • Video documentation: Interview – YouTube (ILRI video platforms, FAO Youtube account); Vlogging

Apollo to produce video interviews with the list of questions selected (refer social media toolkit) - coordinate with Pascal Vlogging by Pascal Paul - video interviews >>

  • Photo documentation – Flickr (ILRI photo platforms, GASL website)

Collect 10 photos per day The rest will be posted on ILRI Flickr account >>

  • Newspaper (before during and after the event), printed version

Pre-event – to be distributed on the first day Day 2 – to be distributed on Thursday morning Day 5 – to be distributed on Friday (before closing) >>

  • Slides – SlideShare

Two slides to be uploaded on GASL website – [[2]] >>

  • Micro-blogging – Twitter (ILRI Twitter account, others if available)

Team to compile list of tweets and post at the end of each day from ILRI Addis campus >>

At the end of the meeting - team >>

  • Facebook and LinkedIn to advertise our blog posts/stories

Advertise stories posted on ILRI blog platforms and GASL website Ewen - ILRI LinkedIn group?

List of products ILRI account FAO account ET gov’t account GASL website
Stories: Blog posts [[3]]
[]]? | | [[5]
* [[6]]
* [[7]]
Video documentation: YouTube | [[8]
Photo documentation: Flickr [[9]]
Slides: Slideshare [[10]]
Micro-blogging: Twitter | [[11]?
Summary using Storify [[12]]

You are also encouraged to use your personal Social Media accounts.

Team contacts

Name E-mail Cell phone number Remark
Liya Dejene (ILRI) +251 911 17 59 84
Apollo Habtamu (ILRI) +251 911 25 02 03
Susan MacMillan (ILRI)
Paul Karaimu (ILRI)
Chi Nguyen (ILRI)
Michael Hoevel (Marchmont)
Pascal Corbé (GASL)
Ewen Le Borgne +251 924 11 77 95 ?

Process Pre-meeting:

  • Set up and coordinate the social media reporting team
  • Start a promotional campaign announcing the event using social media
  • Coordinate with the Communications Division/Media Relations Branches of FAO and MoLF to broadcast the event
  • Publish updates on the central blog and website (Susan, Paul)
  • Document social media tools and coordinate the practical arrangements

Onsite (social media content generation):

  • Coordinate the coverage of all sessions through social media using a team of SM reporters or participants
  • Update the main blog and website ( plus others)
  • Video-record parts of the meeting / interviews either for real-time viewing, YouTube posts, or pre and post-meeting productions
  • Produce daily updates/digests (in text, images) in blog format
  • Provide guidance to participants willing to participate in social reporting


  • Collect and publish the achievements of the event on the Organizers' Web sites and blogs
  • Update the website with all the material and resource documents from the meeting
  • Write-up an evaluation of the social media, its use, its usefulness, the statistics/spread, the setup and the lessons learned so that the experience can be re-used in future meetings/events.


  • Arrange transport to and from (Hilton Hotel, Residence, ILRI campus)
  • Please bring as many flash disks as possible with you