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The meeting comprises a mix of plenary and interactive sessions, learning tours, a sharefair and opportunities to join one of several special interest cluster and action network meetings.


ILRI: Liya - overall comms coordination, linking; social media during the event Paul - reporting/blogging/ reporting Susan - blogging/media/social media Meron - local media/reporting James - sharefair Peter - overall coordination; facilitation Tsehay - facilitation Ewen - 'living synthesis'; facilitation Apollo - photos; video shorts Chi Nguyen - blogging (asia) Beamlak - sharefair Emaelaf - sharefair Simret - sharefair

Others Pascal Corbe - video reporting Michael Hoevel - livestock messaging (sharefair); media; blogging; interviews

Comms @ GASL2017 Addis= Hashtags: #SustLivestock and #Livestock4Dev
Hitlon Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 8 to 12 May 2017
Share-fair (ILRI Addis campus)
~ Activities

 !! Focal point
 !! Support
 !! Date(s)/remarks !! Action(s)
Media [link] Meron FAO, Ministry of Livestock & Fisheries Event: 8 to 12 May 2017 * Compile GASL spokespeople list with BIOs
* Draft articles for placement to be authored by GASL spokespeople
* Managing interview schedules with GASL spokespeople
* Five (5) days of on-site support from Meron at GASLAddis in Addis Ababa
* Compile all media (national and international) outputs
* Coordinate efforts with Marchmont Communications
Social Media / Reporting [link] Liya Liya, Susan, Pascal (GASL), Michael (Marchmont), Chi Event: 8 to 12 May 2017 * Produce stories: Blog posts – WordPress (ILRI blog platforms, others if available)
* Video documentation: Interviews – YouTube (ILRI video platforms, others if available)
* Photo documentation – Flickr (ILRI photo platforms, others if available)
* Photo stories – YouTube
* Daily Tail (3 issues)
* Microblogging - Twitter
* Summary using Storify
* Use Facebook and LinkedIn to advertise our stories/blog posts
Event communications products [link] Liya Paul, Apollo, Meron Most actual production by Eshi; design by ILRI, probably * Design Large Banners (for sharefair ; for hilton)
* Design Conf package
* Design sharefair signage - SDG signs/logos
* Design conf badges [big enough to hold mini-program]
* Design mini-program
* Design conference brochure/long agenda
* Poster template for cases and tools sessions
* Poster template for sharefair
* XX posters for the event day 1
* XX posters for the event day 2
Sharefair [link] James Emaelaf, Beamlak, Abeba,Simret Event: May 11, 2017 on the ILRI Addis campus surveymonkey]form to submit proposals (done)
Facilitation Peter Peter, Tsehay, Alan, Ewen ... Event: 8 to 12 May 2017 Facilitate GASL sessions
Living synthesis Ewen Cluster reporters
Writing/blogging/Video blogging Susan Paul, James, Michael (Marchmont), Pascal Blog posts

Event report en; fr; es
Logistics Abeba Eshi Events Facilitate logistics with ‘Eshi Events’
* Registration system
* Field trip registration system
* sharefair registration system

Action points